My name is Sabine Lankhorst. Since 2017 I am self-employed as a journalist, publicist and commercial writer.

My brand ‘Blue Green Feather’ was carefully chosen. It represents the joys and values in my work and my personal life. The feather represents writing, something I have been doing for over ten years now both commercial and editorial, with a special focus on the wind energy industry, The colours of the feathers (blue and green) represent for me what I value deeply: nature and sustainability.  The colour of a feather for many cultures also has a specific quality contributed to it. A blue feather stands, among others, for communication and a green feather for renewal and abundance. This is also a link to my background in Languages and Cultures of Indigenous America.

I also try to integrate sustainability in my personal life. At the moment, my partner and I are working on an off-grid house in the far north of the province of Friesland. Here we incorporate, solar panels, a rain to drinking water solution, batteries and our own sewer solution. Keep an eye on my blog to follow the developments!